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Dolphin Kayak High Period – 27-May 4-Jun & 1-Oct 20-Oct & 6-Nov 22-Dec

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Dolphin Kayak High Period (27-May to 4-Jun)

During this early summer high period, dolphins are actively exploring coastal waters, offering kayakers ample opportunities for close encounters. The warmer waters attract dolphins closer to shore, making them more visible and accessible. Kayakers can delight in observing dolphins’ playful antics and graceful movements. This period is perfect for those seeking an exciting and engaging wildlife adventure.

Dolphin Kayak High Period (1-Oct to 20-Oct)

As autumn begins, dolphins continue to display high activity levels in the coastal regions. The changing season brings nutrient-rich waters, attracting dolphins in large numbers. Kayakers can experience the thrill of paddling alongside pods of dolphins, watching them leap and interact with each other. This time is ideal for capturing dynamic and lively moments with these intelligent marine mammals.

Dolphin Kayak High Period (6-Nov to 22-Dec)

Leading up to winter, dolphins remain highly active and visible, creating excellent conditions for kayaking excursions. The pre-winter period sees dolphins frequently engaging in social behaviors and feeding activities. Kayakers can enjoy close-up views of dolphins swimming, jumping, and even interacting with their kayaks. This period offers a unique and exhilarating experience for nature enthusiasts and adventurers alike.

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