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Dolphin Kayak Shoulder Period – 5-Jun 30-Sep

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During the shoulder period, dolphin activity is moderate, offering a more relaxed kayaking experience. The warmer summer waters are still home to many dolphins, but they are less concentrated along the coast compared to peak periods. Kayakers can enjoy quieter paddling trips, with occasional sightings of dolphins swimming and playing in smaller pods. This period provides a balanced opportunity to observe dolphins in a serene and less crowded setting.

As the waters warm and marine life disperses, dolphins tend to spread out, making encounters more sporadic but still rewarding. Kayakers can appreciate the calmness of the ocean, with the chance to see dolphins engaging in gentle behaviors and sometimes even approaching the kayaks out of curiosity. This period is ideal for those looking for a peaceful and enjoyable kayaking experience with the possibility of dolphin sightings.

The shoulder period also offers the advantage of milder weather and calmer seas, making it a pleasant time for kayaking. While dolphin activity may not be as intense as during high periods, the tranquil environment allows for a more intimate connection with nature. Kayakers can take their time exploring coastal areas, enjoying the beauty of the ocean and the occasional playful presence of dolphins.

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