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Dolphin Paddle High Period – 27-May 4-Jun & 1-Oct 20-Oct & 6-Nov 22-Dec

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Dolphin Paddle High Period (27-May to 4-Jun)

In this early summer high period, dolphins are active and frequently sighted, making it an excellent time for paddling adventures. The warmer waters attract dolphins closer to shore, providing paddlers with numerous opportunities for close encounters. Enthusiasts can enjoy watching dolphins’ playful behavior and graceful movements as they paddle alongside them. This period is ideal for experiencing the excitement of being near these intelligent marine mammals.

Dolphin Paddle High Period (1-Oct to 20-Oct)

As autumn sets in, dolphins remain highly active, benefiting from the nutrient-rich waters of the season. Paddlers can witness dolphins in large numbers, engaging in social interactions and acrobatic displays. The moderate weather conditions make for pleasant paddling experiences, with dolphins often approaching paddlers out of curiosity. This period offers a dynamic and engaging time to observe dolphins in their natural habitat.

Dolphin Paddle High Period (6-Nov to 22-Dec)

Leading up to winter, dolphins continue to be highly visible and active, making this an excellent period for paddling enthusiasts. The pre-winter conditions bring dolphins close to the coast, allowing paddlers to enjoy frequent sightings and interactions. Dolphins can be seen swimming, jumping, and even playfully following paddleboards. This time frame offers a unique and exhilarating experience for nature lovers looking to connect with dolphins in a vibrant setting.

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