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Dolphin Swim (Dolphin Swim and Explore) Peak Period – 21-Oct 5-Nov & 23-Dec 31-Dec

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Dolphin Swim (Dolphin Swim and Explore) offers an extraordinary experience during its peak periods from October 21 to November 5 and December 23 to December 31. This activity allows participants to interact closely with dolphins, providing a unique opportunity to swim alongside these intelligent and playful marine creatures in a controlled and safe environment.

During these peak periods, visitors can expect enhanced experiences with more frequent dolphin interactions and additional educational sessions about marine life and conservation efforts. The program is designed to be both fun and informative, ensuring that participants leave with a greater appreciation for dolphins and their natural habitats.

The scenic locations and expert guides ensure that each session is memorable, blending adventure with learning. Whether you are a marine life enthusiast or just looking for a special holiday activity, Dolphin Swim (Dolphin Swim and Explore) promises a magical experience that captures the wonder of the ocean.

Child Policy  – CHD & ADT Minimum 8 yrs to participate, Suitable for confident swimmers only

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from 960.00 AED