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Sea Lion Dip & Play High Period – 27-May 4-Jun & 1-Oct 20-Oct & 6-Nov 22-Dec

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Sea Lion Dip & Play High Period (27-May to 4-Jun)

During this time, sea lions are exceptionally active and playful. Warmer waters and increased food availability create an ideal environment for these marine mammals. Visitors can witness sea lions diving, splashing, and performing acrobatic displays. This period offers a prime opportunity for observing sea lions’ social behaviors and interactions.

Sea Lion Dip & Play High Period (1-Oct to 20-Oct)

As autumn sets in, sea lions enter another high activity phase. Cooler temperatures and changing currents bring a bounty of fish, leading to heightened energy levels among the sea lions. They are often seen engaging in playful chases and synchronized swimming. This period is particularly appealing for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers.

Sea Lion Dip & Play High Period (6-Nov to 22-Dec)

The pre-winter period marks the last high activity phase for sea lions before the cold sets in. Abundant food sources and favorable conditions make it a bustling time for sea lion colonies. Visitors can enjoy watching the sea lions frolic, bask in the sun, and exhibit their playful antics. This time frame offers a vibrant and dynamic experience for those looking to observe sea lions in their natural habitat.

Child Policy  – CHD & ADT Minimum 8 yrs to participate

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