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Sea Lion Dip & Play Shoulder Period – 5-Jun 30-Sep

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30 people



The shoulder period between high activity phases offers a more relaxed experience for observing sea lions. During this time, sea lions are less active, focusing more on resting and conserving energy. Visitors can still see sea lions lounging on rocks and swimming leisurely. The calmer atmosphere provides a serene setting for appreciating the sea lions’ more tranquil behaviors.

In the shoulder period, food availability decreases slightly, leading to a reduction in the sea lions’ playful antics. While they are not as energetic as during high periods, they remain a captivating sight. This time is ideal for those looking to observe sea lions without the bustling crowds. The quieter environment allows for a more intimate viewing experience.

Despite the reduced activity, sea lions continue to exhibit their characteristic charm and curiosity. They may engage in occasional playful interactions and gentle swims. The shoulder period offers a balanced opportunity to enjoy the presence of sea lions while experiencing the serene beauty of their coastal habitats.

Child Policy  – CHD & ADT Minimum 8 yrs to participate

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from 497.00 AED